By: dancindestroyer

The model jet engine (gas turbine)

The model jet engine (gas turbine)

A true turbine rc model jet engine adds the ultimate touch of realism to a radio controlled jet, and commercially produced units for rc use are now widely available and becoming more commonplace.

Turbine rc jet flying has become a big thing in recent years and there are some spectacular models around, large and small, but this aspect of the hobby is not for the novice!

Endless hours of flying experience and an impressive budget are needed to actively participate in flying proper radio control jets powered by real gas turbines. Even the smaller model jet engines are not cheap – and that’s on top of the cost of the jet itself, the radio gear and all the other necessary accessories.
So it’s serious business indeed but ultimately has to be one of the most rewarding ways of enjoying rc flying… if you can afford it!

Incidentally, rc model gas turbine engines are also used in other rc aircraft types such as turboprops and helicopters but, from a personal point of view, I don’t find scale turbine powered helis too realistic because of the sound – rc helicopters running on a turbine sound more like jets than helicopters (again, just a personal opinion!).

A JetCat model jet engineShown right is a JetCat model turbine, one of the more popular commercially produced model jet engines readily available. JetCat USAare pioneers of this remarkable technology and offer some excellent turbine units.

Here’s a good video of a JetCat P80 being bench run: